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25 Debug mode

GNU Artanis provides debug-mode for more convenient debug. You may enable it easy.

For the simplest way, pass #:debug #t when calling run function:

(run #:debug #t)

If you use MVC or created an app folder, just pass –debug or -g:

# In app folder
art work --debug
# Or
art work -g

When you enabled debug-mode, the Model and Controller modules written by you will be reloaded automatically on the fly.

If not, you have to press Ctrl+C to quit GNU Artanis server and start it again. This saves time.

And you may add paths to monitor certain files (for an instance, JSON as config file to be reloaded on the fly) if you want to be notified when they’re changed. Just put the paths here:

debug.monitor = my/lib/json, my/lib/modules