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29 Debug mode

GNU Artanis provides a debug-mode for a more convenient way to debug. It’s very easy to use.

For the simplest way, pass #:debug #t when calling run function:

(run #:debug #t)

If you are using the MVC system, or created a project directory, just pass –debug or -g to art:

# In the project directory
art work --debug
# Or
art work -g

When you enable debug-mode, the Model and Controller modules in the directory will be reloaded automatically every time they’re called.

When not in debug mode, you have to press Ctrl+C to quit GNU Artanis server and start it again to test changed modules. Debug mode saves time when testing.

You can add paths to monitor certain files (for example, a JSON file as config file to be reloaded on the fly). If you want to be notified when they’re changed. Just put the paths here:

debug.monitor = my/lib/json, my/lib/modules