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15.6.2 Map DB table

This step will generate an new instance (as a closure) mapped to database table or view. In ORM, it is often called an Active Record. It maps the database view to a class object.

There are two main differences to SSQL:

These two points may decrease the power of FPRM, but our main philosophy in GNU Artanis is that

That means we’re not going to develop a complicated ORM in GNU Artanis, but a promising way to interact with SQL easily. This is what SQL Mapping provided. FPRM aims to reduce states & complexity to provide reliability. And SQL-Mapping will provide a convenient way to handle complex SQL queries for better performance and security (SQL-Injection, etc).

(define m (map-table-from-DB rc/conn))

rc/conn can be a route-context or a DB connection.

map-table-from-DB returns a function, named m here for simplicity.