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8.5 art work

This command is used to start the server when run in a project directory:

  art work [options]

  -c, [--config=CONFIG]          # Specify config file
                                   Default: conf/artanis.conf
                                            if no, /etc/artanis/artanis.conf
  -h, [--host=HOST]              # Specify the network host
  -d, [--usedb]                  # Whether to use Database
                                   Default: false
  -b, [--dbd=DBD]                # Specify DBD, mysql/postgresql/sqlit3
                                   Default: mysql
  -n, [--name=DATABASE_NAME]     # Database name
                                   Default: artanis
  -w, [--passwd=PASSWD]          # Database password
                                   Default: none
  -u, [--user=USER]              # Database user name
                                   Default: root
  -p, [--port=PORT]              # Specify listening port
                                   Default: 3000
  -g, [--debug]                  # Debug mode
                                   Default: disable
  -s, [--server=SERVER]          # Specify server core
                                   Default: Ragnarok (New server core since 0.2)
  --refresh                      # Clean caches, and force to re-compile all source code.
  --help                         # Show this screen

NOTE: Please make sure use art work --refresh to recompile WebApp code each time you upgrade GNU Artanis. And if you want to clean the caches for debug, --refresh is also your friend.