Download for UNIX-style systems

AUCTeX distribution files

You can get the distribution files of the latest AUCTeX release including preview-latex in the following formats along with signature files for validation:

Gzipped tarball
auctex-11.91.tar.gz (signature)
Zip archive (signature)

If you are into XEmacs and want to spare yourself the hassle of building AUCTeX you can use the following ready-made XEmacs package.

XEmacs package
auctex-11.91-pkg.tar.gz (signature)

AUCTeX's manual and reference card for key bindings can be found in the 11.91-extra directory as PostScript and PDF files.

Software requirements

In order to use AUCTeX the following software is required in addition:

Past releases

Older releases and accompanying files can be found in the download directories or