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4.6 Cleaning intermediate and output files

Command: TeX-clean

Remove generated intermediate files. In case a prefix argument is given, remove output files as well.

Canonical access to the function is provided by the ‘Clean’ and ‘Clean All’ entries in TeX-command-list, invokable with C-c C-c or the Command menu.

The patterns governing which files to remove can be adapted separately for each AUCTeX mode by means of the variables plain-TeX-clean-intermediate-suffixes, plain-TeX-clean-output-suffixes, LaTeX-clean-intermediate-suffixes, LaTeX-clean-output-suffixes, docTeX-clean-intermediate-suffixes, docTeX-clean-output-suffixes, Texinfo-clean-intermediate-suffixes, Texinfo-clean-output-suffixes, ConTeXt-clean-intermediate-suffixes, ConTeXt-clean-output-suffixes, AmSTeX-clean-intermediate-suffixes and AmSTeX-clean-output-suffixes.

User Option: TeX-clean-confirm

Control if deletion of intermediate and output files has to be confirmed before it is actually done. If non-nil, ask before deleting files.

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