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5.1 Modes and Hooks

AUCTeX supports a wide variety of derivatives and extensions of TeX. Besides plain TeX those are LaTeX, AMS-TeX, ConTeXt, Texinfo and docTeX. For each of them there is a separate major mode in AUCTeX and each major mode runs text-mode-hook, TeX-mode-hook as well as a hook special to the mode in this order. The following table provides an overview of the respective mode functions and hooks.

TypeMode functionHook
Plain TeXplain-TeX-modeplain-TeX-mode-hook

If you need to make a customization via a hook which is only relevant for one of the modes listed above, put it into the respective mode hook, if it is relevant for any AUCTeX mode, add it to TeX-mode-hook and if it is relevant for all text modes, append it to text-mode-hook.

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