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3.3 Outlining the Document

AUCTeX supports the standard outline minor mode using LaTeX/ConTeXt sectioning commands as header lines. See (emacs)Outline Mode section ‘Outline Mode’ in GNU Emacs Manual.

You can add your own headings by setting the variable TeX-outline-extra.

Variable: TeX-outline-extra

List of extra TeX outline levels.

Each element is a list with two entries. The first entry is the regular expression matching a header, and the second is the level of the header. A ‘^’ is automatically prepended to the regular expressions in the list, so they must match text at the beginning of the line.

See LaTeX-section-list or ConTeXt-interface-section-list for existing header levels.

The following example add ‘\item’ and ‘\bibliography’ headers, with ‘\bibliography’ at the same outline level as ‘\section’, and ‘\item’ being below ‘\subparagraph’.

(setq TeX-outline-extra
      '(("[ \t]*\\\\\\(bib\\)?item\\b" 7)
        ("\\\\bibliography\\b" 2)))

You may want to check out the unbundled ‘out-xtra’ package for even better outline support. It is available from your favorite emacs lisp archive.

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