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From a LaTeX file, you can produce DVI output, or a PDF file directly via pdflatex. You can switch on source specials for easier navigation in the output file, or tell latex to stop after an error (usually ‘--noninteractive’ is used, to allow you to detect all errors in a single run).

These options are controlled by toggles, the keystrokes should be easy to memorize:

C-c C-t C-p

This command toggles between DVI and PDF output

C-c C-t C-i

toggles interactive mode

C-c C-t C-s

toggles SyncTeX (or source specials) support

C-c C-t C-o

toggles usage of Omega/lambda.

There is also another possibility: compile the document with tex (or latex) and then convert the resulting DVI file to PDF using dvipsps2pdf sequence or dvipdfmx command. If you want to go by this route, customize TeX-PDF-from-DVI option. Then AUCTeX will suggest you to run the appropriate command when you type C-C C-c. For details, see Processor Options.

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