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5.2 Too small bounding boxes

The bounding box of a preview is determined by the LaTeX package using the pure TeX bounding boxes. If there is material extending outside of the TeX box, that material will be missing from the preview image. This happens for the label-showing boxes from the showkeys package. This particular problem can be circumvented by using the showlabels option of the preview package.

In general, you should try to fix the problem in the TeX code, like avoiding drawing outside of the picture with PSTricks.

One possible remedy is to set preview-fast-conversion to ‘Off’ (see The Emacs interface). The conversion will take more time, but will then use the bounding boxes from EPS files generated by Dvips.

Dvips generally does not miss things, but it does not understand PostScript constructs like \resizebox or \rotate commands, so will generate rather wrong boxes for those. Dvips can be helped with the psfixbb package option to preview (see The LaTeX style file), which will tag the corners of the included TeX box. This will mostly be convenient for pure PostScript stuff like that created by PSTricks, which Dvips would otherwise reserve no space for.

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