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B.2.4 For which OS does preview work?

It is known to work under the X Window System for Linux and for several flavors of Unix: we have reports for HP and Solaris.

There are several development versions of Emacs around for native MacOS Carbon, and preview-latex is working with them, too.

With Windows, Cygwin and native ports of XEmacs should work. preview-latex will not work with any native version 21 of Emacs under Windows: you need to get a hold of Emacs 22 which is at the time of this writing not released but available as a developer snapshot.

The entry "X11/Unix" currently means Linux, Solaris or HP/UX, as well as the X-specific version for Mac/OSX.

OSEmacs versionXEmacs version
Win9x cygwin21.3.50?21.4.8
Win9x native22.121.4.8
MacOSX native22.1

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