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B.3.1 I just get ‘LaTeX found no preview images’.

The reason for this is that LaTeX found no preview images in the document in question.

One reason might be that there are no previews to be seen. If you have not used preview-latex before, you might not know its manner of operation. One sure-fire way to test if you just have a document where no previews are to be found is to use the provided example document ‘circ.tex’ (you will have to copy it to some directory where you have write permissions). If the symptom persists, you have a problem, and the problem is most likely a LaTeX problem. Here are possible reasons:

Filename database not updated

Various TeX distributions have their own ways of knowing where the files are without actually searching directories. The normal preview-latex installation should detect common tools for that purpose and use them. If this goes wrong, or if the files get installed into a place where they are not looked for, the LaTeX run will fail.

An incomplete manual installation

This should not happen if you followed installation instructions. Unfortunately, people know better all the time. If only ‘preview.sty’ gets installed without a set of supplementary files also in the ‘latex’ subdirectory, preview-latex runs will not generate any errors, but they will not produce any previews, either.

An outdated ‘preview’ installation

The ‘preview.sty’ package is useful for more than just preview-latex. For example, it is part of TeXlive. So you have to make sure that preview-latex does not get to work with outdated style and configuration files: some newer features will not work with older TeX style files, and really old files will make preview-latex fail completely. There usual is a local ‘texmf’ tree, or even a user-specific tree that are searched before the default tree. Make sure that the first version of those files that gets found is the correct one.

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