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5.3 x-symbol interoperation

Thanks to the work of Christoph Wedler, starting with version ‘4.0h/beta’ of x-symbol, the line parsing of AUCTeX and preview-latex is fully supported. Earlier versions exhibit problems. However, versions before 4.2.2 will cause a drastic slowdown of preview-latex’s parsing pass, so we don’t recommend to use versions earlier than that.

If you wonder what x-symbol is, it is a package that transforms various tokens and subscripts to a more readable form while editing and offers a few input methods handy especially for dealing with math. Take a look at http://x-symbol.sourceforge.net.

x-symbol versions up to 4.5.1-beta at least require an 8bit-clean TeX implementation (meaning that its terminal output should not use ‘^^’-started escape sequences) for cooperation with preview-latex. Later versions may get along without it, like preview-latex does now.

If you experience problems with ‘circ.tex’ in connection with both x-symbol and Latin-1 characters, you may need to change your language environment or, as a last resort, customize the variable LaTeX-command-style by replacing the command latex with latex -translate-file=cp8bit.

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