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1.1.1 Building and Installing

Note: Currently installation is supported for Emacs only. XEmacs users might want to refer to the RefTeX package available through the package system of XEmacs.

Installation with make

In order to install RefTeX, unpack the distribution and edit the header of the Makefile. Basically, you need to change the path specifications for Emacs Lisp files and info files. Also, enter the name of your Emacs executable (usually either ‘emacs’ or ‘xemacs’).

Then, type

make install

to compile and install the code and documentation.

Per default RefTeX is installed in its own subdirectory which might not be on your load path. In this case, add it to load path with a command like the following, replacing the sample directory with the one where RefTeX is installed in your case.

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/reftex")

Put this command into your init file before other RefTeX-related settings.

Installation by Hand

If you want to get your hands dirty, there is also the possibility to install by manually copying files.

  1. Copy the reftex*.el lisp files to a directory on your load path. Make sure that no old copy of RefTeX shadows these files.
  2. Byte compile the files. The sequence of compiling should be: reftex-var.el, reftex.el, and then all the others.
  3. Copy the info file reftex.info to the info directory.

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