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Note that the context may contain constructs which are invalid in labels. RefTeX will therefore strip the accent from accented Latin-1 characters and remove everything else which is not valid in labels. This mechanism is safe, but may not be satisfactory for non-western languages. Check the following variables if you need to change things: reftex-translate-to-ascii-function, reftex-derive-label-parameters, reftex-label-illegal-re, reftex-abbrev-parameters.


You could e.g. bind reftex-varioref-vref to C-c v and reftex-fancyref-fref to C-c f.


&&’ with optional spaces, see reftex-index-phrases-logical-and-regexp.


||’ with optional spaces, see reftex-index-phrases-logical-or-regexp.


Windows users: Restrict yourself to the described keys during indexing. Pressing <Help> at the indexing prompt can apparently hang Emacs.


We are using the syntax of the ‘index’ package here.


all macros that start with ‘ref’ or end with ‘ref’ or ‘refrange


all macros that either start or end with ‘cite


XEmacs 21.x users may want to install the corresponding XEmacs package.


RefTeX 4.0 and AUCTeX 9.10c will be needed for all of this to work. Parts of it work also with earlier versions.


fset is used to do this, which is not reversible. However, RefTeX implements the old functionality when you later decide to turn off the interface.


This used to be the function reftex-add-to-label-alist which is still available as an alias for compatibility.

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