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This macro tries to find the headers and libraries for the PostgreSQL database to build client applications.

If includes are found, the variable PQINCPATH will be set, and have_pqinc will be ’yes’. If libraries are found, the variable PQLIBPATH will be set, and have_pqlib will be ’yes’. If both PQINCPATH and PQLIBPATH are found, HAVE_LIBPQ will be set to ’yes’ (and AC_DEFINEd), and -lpq will be added to the beginning of LIBS. If their respective conditions are not met, have_pqinc, have_pqlib, HAVE_LIBPQ, will be ’no’.

This macro does fails if either the headers or the library are not found, unless ACTION-IF-NOT-FOUND is not empty. When both are found, ACTION-IF-FOUND, if defined, is executed after the variables have been defined. If –with-pgsql=no (or equivalents) is given, nothing happens.

An automake conditional can be subsequently defined as



Source Code

Download the latest version of ax_check_postgres_db.m4 or browse the macro’s revision history.


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