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18.5.4 Changed Results

If you were checking the results of previous tests by examining the shell variable DEFS, you need to switch to checking the values of the cache variables for those tests. DEFS no longer exists while configure is running; it is only created when generating output files. This difference from version 1 is because properly quoting the contents of that variable turned out to be too cumbersome and inefficient to do every time AC_DEFINE is called. See Cache Variable Names.

For example, here is a fragment written for Autoconf version 1:

     case "$DEFS" in
     *-DHAVE_SYSLOG*) ;;
     *) # syslog is not in the default libraries.  See if it's in some other.
       for lib in bsd socket inet; do
         AC_CHECKING(for syslog in -l$lib)
         LIBS="-l$lib $saved_LIBS"
         case "$DEFS" in
         *-DHAVE_SYSLOG*) break ;;
         *) ;;
       done ;;

Here is a way to write it for version 2:

     if test "x$ac_cv_func_syslog" = xno; then
       # syslog is not in the default libraries.  See if it's in some other.
       for lib in bsd socket inet; do
         AC_CHECK_LIB([$lib], [syslog], [AC_DEFINE([HAVE_SYSLOG])
           LIBS="-l$lib $LIBS"; break])

If you were working around bugs in AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED by adding backslashes before quotes, you need to remove them. It now works predictably, and does not treat quotes (except back quotes) specially. See Setting Output Variables.

All of the Boolean shell variables set by Autoconf macros now use ‘yes’ for the true value. Most of them use ‘no’ for false, though for backward compatibility some use the empty string instead. If you were relying on a shell variable being set to something like 1 or ‘t’ for true, you need to change your tests.