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2.1 The Identification Definition

The first definition in this file is used to identify it as a AutoGen file. It consists of the two keywords, ‘autogen’ and ‘definitions’ followed by the default template name and a terminating semi-colon (;). That is:

        AutoGen Definitions template-name;

Note that, other than the name template-name, the words ‘AutoGen’ and ‘Definitions’ are searched for without case sensitivity. Most lookups in this program are case insensitive.

Also, if the input contains more identification definitions, they will be ignored. This is done so that you may include (see section Controlling What Gets Processed) other definition files without an identification conflict.

AutoGen uses the name of the template to find the corresponding template file. It searches for the file in the following way, stopping when it finds the file:

  1. It tries to open ‘./template-name’. If it fails,
  2. it tries ‘./template-name.tpl’.
  3. It searches for either of these files in the directories listed in the templ-dirs command line option.

If AutoGen fails to find the template file in one of these places, it prints an error message and exits.

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