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8.6.3 enumerating options

specify how to number the definitions.

ordering option.

This is the “alphabetize or use named file” option. This option takes an optional string argument ‘file-name’.

This option has some usage constraints. It:

By default, ordering is alphabetical by the entry name. Use, no-ordering if order is unimportant. Use ordering with no argument to order without case sensitivity. Use ordering=<file-name> if chronological order is important. getdefs will maintain the text content of file-name. file-name need not exist.

first-index option.

This is the “the first index to apply to groups” option. This option takes a number argument ‘first-index’. By default, the first occurrence of a named definition will have an index of zero. Sometimes, that needs to be a reserved value. Provide this option to specify a different starting point.

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