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8.6.1 getdefs help/usage (‘help’)

This is the automatically generated usage text for getdefs.

The text printed is the same whether selected with the help option (‘help’) or the more-help option (‘more-help’). more-help will print the usage text by passing it through a pager program. more-help is disabled on platforms without a working fork(2) function. The PAGER environment variable is used to select the program, defaulting to ‘more’. Both will exit with a status code of 0.

getdefs (GNU AutoGen) - AutoGen Definition Extraction Tool - Ver. 1.5
Usage:  getdefs [ <option-name>[{=| }<val>] ]...

Specify which definitions are of interest and what to say about them:

   Arg Option-Name    Description
   Str defs-to-get    Regexp to look for after the "/*="
   Str subblock       subblock definition names
                                - may appear multiple times
   Str listattr       attribute with list of values
                                - may appear multiple times

specify how to number the definitions:

   Arg Option-Name    Description
   opt ordering       Alphabetize or use named file
                                - disabled as '--no-ordering'
                                - enabled by default
   Num first-index    The first index to apply to groups

Definition insertion options:

   Arg Option-Name    Description
   opt filelist       Insert source file names into defs
   Str assign         Global assignments
                                - may appear multiple times
   Str common-assign  Assignments common to all blocks
                                - may appear multiple times
   Str copy           File(s) to copy into definitions
                                - may appear multiple times
   opt srcfile        Insert source file name into each def
   opt linenum        Insert source line number into each def

specify which files to search for markers:

   Arg Option-Name    Description
   Str input          Input file to search for defs
                                - may appear multiple times
                                - default option for unnamed options

Definition output disposition options::

   Arg Option-Name    Description
   Str output         Output file to open
                                - an alternate for 'autogen'
   opt autogen        Invoke AutoGen with defs
                                - disabled as '--no-autogen'
                                - enabled by default
   Str template       Template Name
   Str agarg          AutoGen Argument
                                - prohibits the option 'output'
                                - may appear multiple times
   Str base-name      Base name for output file(s)
                                - prohibits the option 'output'

Version, usage and configuration options:

   Arg Option-Name    Description
   opt version        output version information and exit
   no  help           display extended usage information and exit
   no  more-help      extended usage information passed thru pager
   opt save-opts      save the option state to a config file
   Str load-opts      load options from a config file
                                - disabled as '--no-load-opts'
                                - may appear multiple times

All arguments are named options.
If no 'input' argument is provided or is set to simply "-", and if 'stdin'
is not a 'tty', then the list of input files will be read from 'stdin'.

The following option preset mechanisms are supported:
 - reading file /dev/null
This program extracts AutoGen definitions from a list of source files.
Definitions are delimited by '/*=<entry-type> <entry-name>\n' and '=*/\n'.
Packaged by Bruce (2015-08-21)
Report getdefs bugs to bkorb@gnu.org

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