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Attributes that affect the user’s experience.


The presence of this attribute indicates ignoring any command line option errors. This may also be turned on and off by invoking the macros ERRSKIP_OPTERR and ERRSTOP_OPTERR from the generated interface file.


Presence indicates GNU-standard long option processing. Partial name matches are accepted, if they are at least two characters long and the partial match is unique. The matching is not case sensitive, and the underscore, hyphen and carat characters are all equivalent (they match).

If any options do not have an option value (flag character) specified, and least one does specify such a value, then you must specify long-opts. If none of your options specify an option value (flag character) and you do not specify long-opts, then command line arguments are processed in "named option mode". This means that:


Modifies when or whether option names get translated. If provided, it must be assigned one of these values:


to suppress option name translation for configuration file and and environment variable processing.


to suppress option name translation completely. The usage text will always be translated if ENABLE_NLS is defined and you have translations for that text.


Specifies disabling all internationalization support for option code, completely.

See also the various XLAT interface entries in the AutoOpts Programmatic Interface section (see section Programmatic Interface).


Normally, POSIX compliant commands do not allow for options to be interleaved with operands. If this is necessary for historical reasons, there are two approaches available:


Specifies that the ‘--reset-option’ command line option is to be supported. This makes it possible to suppress any setting that might be found in a configuration file or environment variable.

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