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6.3 Signal Names

When AutoGen is first built, it tries to use psignal(3), sys_siglist, strsigno(3) and strsignal(3) from the host operating system. If your system does not supply these, the AutoGen distribution will. However, it will use the distributed mapping and this mapping is unlikely to match what your system uses. This can be fixed. Once you have installed autogen, the mapping can be rebuilt on the host operating system. To do so, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Build and install AutoGen in a place where it will be found in your search path.
  2. cd ${top_srcdir}/compat
  3. autogen strsignal.def
  4. Verify the results by examining the ‘strsignal.h’ file produced.
  5. Re-build and re-install AutoGen.

If you have any problems or peculiarities that cause this process to fail on your platform, please send me copies of the header files containing the signal names and numbers, along with the full path names of these files. I will endeavor to fix it. There is a shell script inside of ‘strsignal.def’ that tries to hunt down the information.

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