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BayonneXML is a special XML dialect that GNU Bayonne understands and parses. It is closely related to CallXML, and in future releases we will strive for greater compatibility with CallXML to allow existing CallXML-based IVR design tools to work with GNU Bayonne 2.

How to Use

To use BayonneXML, you must configure your Bayonne server to use the bayonnexml service binding. This can be done either by using the --bind=bayonnexml option on the command line, or by setting binding=bayonnexml in the [server] portion of /etc/bayonne/server.conf.

When the bayonnexml service binding is used, the regular Bayonne scripting language is disabled, except for use in config file parsing, such as for /etc/bayonne/sip.conf. Even there, certain options, like connect and join, will no longer be available.

When the bayonnexml service binding is active, you will have a new xml-parse command to use in your config files, and all the macro definitions from xml.def, url.def, and tts.def. You can use xml-parse to tell Bayonne to begin retrieving a BayonneXML document from a specified URL in your config files, and from that point forward, the Bayonne server will be under control of the BayonneXML documents that are retrieved.

The remainder of this document, when it is completed, will document the BayonneXML dialect... TODO!