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How you can help

There are many ways you can contribute to GNU Bayonne even if you do not code. We need people to help with languages and building of multi-lingual voice libraries, people to help with testing, with documentation, and even with the new Web site. If you wish to help GNU Bayonne, feel free to send email to

CVS access

The primary CVS repository for GNU Bayonne is maintained at A secondary repository is maintained thru SourceForge. Savannah is now available for project contributors to use for CVS access and soon will host bug tracking and other services for this package.
CVS @ SourceForge
CVS @ Savannah


We are now providing nightly builds from CVS for Common C++ "2" and the new Bayonne "1.0" development tree. Daily snapshots may be downloaded from These are currently source tarballs, but we will soon also add installable binary packages to the nightly build.

Mailing lists

Several mailing lists are hosted for GNU Bayonne thru SourceForge and are open to the public:
This is the primary development mailing list and is very active.

This list was started by those working specifically with Aculab hardware and on state machine driver support for Bayonne.

This list was started by those working specifically with Dialogic support for Bayonne.

Bug Tracking

While not generally being used by many people, there is an online bug tracking system available for GNU Bayonne at SourceForge:
Bug Tracking @ SourceForge
:: c o n t r i b u t o r s
David Sugar
Core development team leader.

Richard Sandor Bodo
Member of the core development team.

Anders Dahnielson
Member of the core development team.

Anu Gupta
Member of the core development team.

Dragan Stancevic
Member of the core development team.

David Rowe
Contributed the GPL Voicetronix API.

Matt Benjamin
Has helped with debugging GNU Bayonne.

Wilane Ousmane
Contributed his voice for French prompts.

Mariza Nicole
Contributed her voice for French prompts.

Brenden Digital
Will be hosting the domain shortly.

Luca Bariani
GNU Bayonne's tester, Web site italian translator.

Fabio Coatti
GNU Bayonne's tester.

Emiliano Grilli
Contributed his voice for Italian prompts.

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