Bayonne 2 Dialogic Drivers


GNU Bayonne is the telephony server of the GNU Project. Much information has been collected about using dialogic hardware with GNU Bayonne. This project is meant to collect this information.


This project is intended to deliver Dialogic drivers for the Bayonne2 telephony server. This is based loosly on pre-existing dialogic support that was found in Bayonne1 and more directly from the experiment in Bayonne2-nonfree before nonfree drivers were separated. Like in Bayonne1, this support operates through the Dialogic runtime system distibution and the streams driver layer using the Dialogic upper level API's. Under GNU/Linux, best results probably would be achieved using CentOS 2.1.




The current distribution of this driver is bayonne2-dialogic-0.8.7.tar.gz (unavailable in 2017).