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Here is some art created for the GNU Bayonne package:
GNU Bayonne Logo (18k)

Development support

We are adding additional resources to help those trying to work with GNU Bayonne.
GNU Telephony FAQ
We have setup a FAQ-O-Matic for GNU Telephony. This should help those who have questions or wish to offer assistance to others.

CVS and support for GNU Bayonne and its required packages may be found thru Savannah.

Mailing lists

Several mailing lists are hosted for GNU Bayonne thru SourceForge and are open to the public:
This is the primary development mailing list and is very active.

This list was started by those working specifically with Aculab hardware and on state machine driver support for Bayonne.

This list was started by those working specifically with Dialogic support for Bayonne.

Related sites/projects

CMU Speech Project
Carnegie Mellon University is dedicated to speech technology research, development, and deployment.


There are some useful resources for news and information related to free telephony:
BSD Telephony
Linux Devices
Linux Telephony
Open SS7 Project
Vovida Org


GNU Bayonne supports telephony hardware from:
Bayonne supports the Dialogic 5.0 runtime release under GNU/Linux. It may also support Solaris Dialogic runtime, but this has not been tested. To date analog cards, such as the D/41x and EPCI cards work fine. Digital (T1) span card support is b eing worked on.

Pika Technologies
Pika Inline GT and Daytona cards operate with GNU Bayonne under GNU/Linux using the latest MonteCarlo API.

Voicetronix provides 4 port analog DSP cards with a GPL licensed API. The Voicetronix driver can be used with both GNU/Linux and FreeBSD.

Quicknet and generic /dev/phone based Linux (and possibly FreeBSD) devices are currently supported.

Support for Aculab are still in active development.
:: Commercial Support 
Tycho Softworks - Tycho Softworks offers professional services, commercial support, and update services for GNU Bayonne.

:: Bayonne Users 
Global Connect Voice Broadcasting - Global Connect uses Bayonne to rapidly develop voice applications to serve their customers expanding needs.

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