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13.8 I can’t build Bison

I can’t build Bison because make complains that msgfmt is not found. What should I do?

Like most GNU packages with internationalization support, that feature is turned on by default. If you have problems building in the po subdirectory, it indicates that your system’s internationalization support is lacking. You can re-configure Bison with --disable-nls to turn off this support, or you can install GNU gettext from and re-configure Bison. See the file ABOUT-NLS for more information.

I can’t build Bison because my C compiler is too old.

Except for GLR parsers (which require C99), the C code that Bison generates requires only C89 or later. However, Bison itself requires common C99 features such as declarations after statements. Bison’s configure script attempts to enable C99 (or later) support on compilers that default to pre-C99. If your compiler lacks these C99 features entirely, GCC may well be a better choice; or you can try upgrading to your compiler’s latest version.