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2.5 Multi-Function Calculator: mfcalc

Now that the basics of Bison have been discussed, it is time to move on to a more advanced problem. The above calculators provided only five functions, ‘+’, ‘-’, ‘*’, ‘/’ and ‘^’. It would be nice to have a calculator that provides other mathematical functions such as sin, cos, etc.

It is easy to add new operators to the infix calculator as long as they are only single-character literals. The lexical analyzer yylex passes back all nonnumeric characters as tokens, so new grammar rules suffice for adding a new operator. But we want something more flexible: built-in functions whose syntax has this form:

     function_name (argument)

At the same time, we will add memory to the calculator, by allowing you to create named variables, store values in them, and use them later. Here is a sample session with the multi-function calculator:

     $ mfcalc
     pi = 3.141592653589
     ⇒ 3.1415926536
     ⇒ 0.0000000000
     alpha = beta1 = 2.3
     ⇒ 2.3000000000
     ⇒ 2.3000000000
     ⇒ 0.8329091229
     ⇒ 2.3000000000

Note that multiple assignment and nested function calls are permitted.