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8.4.3 The YYPRINT Macro

Before %printer support, semantic values could be displayed using the YYPRINT macro, which works only for terminal symbols and only with the yacc.c skeleton.

— Macro: YYPRINT (stream, token, value);

If you define YYPRINT, it should take three arguments. The parser will pass a standard I/O stream, the numeric code for the token type, and the token value (from yylval).

For yacc.c only. Obsoleted by %printer.

Here is an example of YYPRINT suitable for the multi-function calculator (see Declarations for mfcalc):

       static void print_token_value (FILE *, int, YYSTYPE);
       #define YYPRINT(File, Type, Value)            \
         print_token_value (File, Type, Value)
     ... %% ... %% ...
     static void
     print_token_value (FILE *file, int type, YYSTYPE value)
       if (type == VAR)
         fprintf (file, "%s", value.tptr->name);
       else if (type == NUM)
         fprintf (file, "%d", value.val);