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8.3.1 A.1

ccRTP performs RTP data header validity check in two stages: the first stage, performed at the constructor of IncomingRTPPkt (which is extensible with virtual methods) validates the header fields independent of the source. The second stage, performed at IncomingDataQueue::checkSSRCInIncomingRTPPkt and QueueRTCPManager::checkSSRCInRTCPPkt, validates those fields specific to the source of the packet (number sequence, etc).

Additionally, the following table specifies which methods of ccRTP implement the functions init_seq and update_seq from A.1.

void init_seq(source*, u_int16)
void MembershipBookkeeping::SyncSourceLink::initSequence(uint16)
int update_seq(source*, u_int16)
bool RTPQueue::recordReception(SyncSourceLink&, const IncomingRTPPkt&)