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4.1.1 Initiating Sessions

Initiating RTP sessions with ccRTP involves the construction of an object of the class RTPSession and calling some optional initialization methods. RTPSession constructors take two mandatory arguments: local network address and local transport port (where incoming packets are expected). There are two constructors, one of them takes a host address as first parameter, while the other takes a multicast address. In the latter case, the application will join to a multicast group.

General purpose RTP stacks of ccRTP, such as RTPSession objects, must be signaled to start execution. This is done calling the startRunning() method. Note there is also a enableStack() method, this only activates the stack but does not start the execution of the stack thread.

After the steps above, the application can receive data, but will not transmit to any destination. This and other session parameters can be set as follows: