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3.2 Simple Receiver

The required actions to receive an application data unit over RTP are listed in the following code snippet.

     RTPSession s(InetHostAddress(""),9000);  // bind reception socket.
     // Initialization.
     cout << "Local SSRC identifier: " << s.getLocalSSRC() << endl;
     s.startRunning(); // start running the packet queue scheduler.
     // Receive data.
     const AppDataUnit* adu;
     adu = s.getData(0); // get data with initial -0- timestamp.
     if ( adu != NULL )
        // do something with adu.
        // adu->getType() provides the payload type.
        // adu->getData() provides a const uint8 pointer to a data buffer.
        // adu->getSize() provides the number of octets in the buffer.
        // see other methods in the class AppDataUnit, such as getSource().