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To contribute to the advancement of current and next generation telephone networks, web services, and embedded systems development.


Bourne and Korn shell, C, C++, C-shell, HTML, Java, ccscript, LaTeX, Make (System V and GNU), Perl, SQL, Texinfo, Tcl, C#, Forth, PHP, various micro assemblers.

Object-oriented analysis and design, CVS, GNU Emacs, RCS, Savannah/SourceForge, Standard Template Library (C++), GNU Common C++, Portable .NET runtime.

Postgres, Sybase, Oracle, Btrieve, Xbase, SQL, dbVista, Access, RMS, Qbase, Custom

GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Unixware, SCO, BSD, QNX, HP/UX, Netware, VAX VMS, Mac, OS/2, OS/9, OS-65U, CP/M, M/PM, AmigaDOS, ProDOS, Microsoft Windows

Bayonne, Apache, BIND, CVS, Debian GNU/Linux, Linux [0-2].x, NIS, NFS, Postfix, Red Hat GNU/Linux, Rsync, Samba, Sendmail, SSH.


4/2002 - present
Independent contractor, Self Employed

I have worked on projects that have included telephony device drivers for the Linux kernel, commercial applications and web integrated telephony services built around Bayonne, and embedded GNU/Linux systems using Cyclades TS-100 hardware.

10/2001 - 4/2002
Senior Software Engineer, Blackdog Software, Morristown, NJ

Provided the initial design and implementation for a web based accounting package and property management service constructed in Java and using PostgreSQL for the backend database, using php for some server side scripting, and Javascript for the client. My responsibilities include management of their network infrastructure.

10/1999 - 10/2001
Senior Software Engineer, IDT Corp., Piscataway, NJ

Developed 1-800-TowTruck automated service and helped develop IDT's premier SCO and GNU/Linux based debit calling platform which currently handles over 20 million call minutes per day. Designed and developed IDT's next generation SIP based VoIP debit calling card platform for use with Sonus switching equipment in C++ under GNU/Linux and telephony drivers for the linux kernel.

05/1994 - 10/2001
Director Software Development, Fortran Corp, Newington, VA

My responsibilities included developing Fortran's premier single point of access management solution which provided management of mixed vendor PBX, Voice Mail, and GNU/Linux hosted call accounting systems currently used to manage the telecommunication infrastructure of the Federal Reserve Board, Security and Exchange Commission, and a number of other Federal Agencies. Developed GNU/Linux server appliance and device drivers for network integration of legacy PBX equipment, and GNU/Linux hosted SNMP management technology for centralized network management of multiple Fujitsu F9600 PBX switches. Developed SCO based TSCI applications for Fujitsu switching equipment.

04/1991 - 05/1994
Product Architect, Panasonic Corp., Secaucus, NJ

Developed, and provided guidance for, QNX based Panasonic digital phone system CTI products including ACD, Voice Mail, and DBS administration console. Developed Panasonic on-line bug tracking database. Provided division-wide business plans for PC based CTI products. My responsibilities also included meeting with and evaluating customer needs.


I have authored several successful large scale software projects including GNU Bayonne (http://www.gnu.org/software/bayonne), the GNU Common C++ portable threading and network abstraction class library, and a C++ based framework for the development of scalable realtime VoIP and streaming media servers (http://www.gnu.org/software/ccrtp). I helped found OST and occasionally speak internationally on telecommunication technology and software ethics.

Full voting individual member and community representative - International Softswitch Consortium.

Founding non-corporate member - Embedded Linux Consortium


Available upon request.

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