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11 Using cflow in Makefiles.

If you wish to use cflow to analyze your project sources, Makefile or is the right place to do so. In this chapter we will describe a generic rule for If you do not use automake, you can deduce the rule for plain Makefile from this one.

Here is a check list of steps to do to set up a framework:

As an example, here are the relevant statements which we use in cflow src/

     cflow.cflow: $(cflow_CFLOW_INPUT) cflow.rc Makefile
     	CFLOWRC=$(top_srcdir)/src/cflow.rc \
     	 cflow -o$@ $(CFLOW_FLAGS) $(DEFS) \
                         $(DEFAULT_INCLUDES) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) \
     	            $(CPPFLAGS) \