CgiEnvironment.h File Reference

Class encapsulating the CGI runtime environment. More...

#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <cstdlib>
#include "cgicc/CgiDefs.h"
#include "cgicc/CgiUtils.h"
#include "cgicc/CgiInput.h"
#include "cgicc/HTTPCookie.h"

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namespace  cgicc


class  cgicc::CgiEnvironment
 Class encapsulating the CGI runtime environment. More...


#define _CGIENVIRONMENT_H_   1


typedef std::vector< HTTPCookie
 A vector of HTTPCookie objects.
typedef std::vector< HTTPCookie
 A vector of const HTTPCookie objects.

Detailed Description

Class encapsulating the CGI runtime environment.

The CgiEnvironment class encapsulates the environment of the CGI application as described by the HTTP server. CgiEnvironment contains the GET or POST data along with all environment variables set by the HTTP server specified in the CGI specification.

Definition in file CgiEnvironment.h.

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