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9.5 C/C++ coexistence

The source code of the frontend comes mainly from version 5.07, which was written in C. There is no problem in having both C and C++ in the same program, and so have they lived together in all versions from 6.0.0 to 6.1.0. However, in version 6.1.1 and subsequent versions the frontend is compiled in C++. This change has been introduced to avoid compilation warnings in (former output.c) as a result of the introduction of Unicode literals.

PolyGlot and Fruit have a common origin, which means that there is a lot of shared code. The point is that the shared code is very similar but not identical, which would make hard an eventual unification. In order to avoid massive name clash, all the code has been wrapped in namespaces, one for the adapter, one for the engine. The frontend remains in the default namespace.