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3.5.1 Structure

A file called gnuchess.ini is used to define configuration options. The file is applicable provided --uci is not used. The file is looked in three places according to the following precedence:

  1. The directory where the program was started
  2. Environment variableGNUCHESS_PKGDATADIR
  3. The package data directory stated at configure time

Sections are composed of variable = value lines.

Note: There can be spaces in variable names or values. Do not use quotes.

[Adapter] section

This section is used by the adapter only. The engine is unaware of these options. The list of available options is detailed below in this document.

[Engine] section

This section contains engine UCI options. The PolyGlot-based adapter does not understand them, but sends the information to the engine at startup (converted to UCI form). You can add any UCI option that makes sense to the engine (not just the common options about hash-table size and tablebases).

Note: use INI syntax, not UCI. For example OwnBook = true is correct. It will be replaced by the adapter with setoption name OwnBook value true at engine startup.

Standard UCI options are Hash, NalimovPath, NalimovCache and OwnBook. Hidden options like Ponder or UCI_xxx are automatic and should not be put in the INI file.