The Open Runtime Platform () provides a covenient and simple platform for both using and testing GNU Classpath. With the release of ORP 1.0.9, GNU Classpath's native libraries are supported out of the box.

Steps to use ORP+GNU Classpath on GNU/Linux

Example assumes ORP 1.0.9, see above. In the example, GNU Classpath sources are in ~/src/classpath/.

ORP should now be built and ready, orp-1.0.9/mains/orp/Linux/dbg/orp.

Using ORP+GNU Classpath on GNU/Linux

ORP needs to load shared libraries and the class library bytecode. The recommended method is to use the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to provide a colon separated list of directories in which to look for GNU Classpath's shared libraries. The example below assumes the user built and installed GNU Classpath without modifing the default prefix.

ORP contains two JITs at this time. By default ORP uses a so-called JIT 3 and for some things it appears to have more problems than when using JIT 1. This is the reasoning behind adding the -swapjit 0 1 argument to ORP. ORP does not have the ability at this time to execute raw bytecode and must use one of these two JIT compilers.

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