4.2. Classes [sec_4-3]

The CLOS symbols are EXPORTed from the package CLOS. COMMON-LISP uses (as in USE-PACKAGE) CLOS and EXT:RE-EXPORTs the [ANSI CL standard] standard exported symbols (the CLISP extensions, e.g., those described in Chapter 29, Meta-Object Protocol, are not EXT:RE-EXPORTed). Since the default :USE argument to MAKE-PACKAGE is COMMON-LISP, the standard CLOS symbols are normally visible in all user-defined packages. If you do not want them (for example, if you want to use the PCL implementation of CLOS instead of the native one), do the following:

  (SHADOW symbol "CL-NO-CLOS"))
  (EXPORT symbol "CL-NO-CLOS"))
(LOAD "pcl")or whatever
;; your code which uses PCL goes here

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