CLISP Release History
Release 1April 1987 - July 1992bruno
  • The project was started when both original authors, Bruno Haible and Michael Stoll, were students in Germany.
  • The original version was for Atari ST only, written in 68000 assembly language and Common Lisp.
Release 2.01992-10-09bruno
  • comp.os.linux announcement (Linux binaries only)
Release 2.11993-01-01bruno
  • The first portable release, with source, released under GNU GPL.
  • Supported platforms: Atari ST, Amiga 500-2000, DOS (emx, djgpp), OS/2 (emx), Unix (Linux, Sun4, Sun386, HP9000/800).
Release 2.1.11993-01-11bruno
Release 2.1.21993-02-01bruno
Release 2.1.31993-02-03bruno
Release 2.21993-02-21bruno
  • Add test suite.
Release 2.2.11993-03-04bruno
Release 2.2.21993-03-19bruno
Release 2.31993-03-30bruno
Release 2.3.11993-04-05bruno
Release 2.41993-05-24bruno
Release 2.51993-06-29bruno
Release 2.5.11993-07-17bruno
  • immutable objects
Release 2.61993-08-22bruno
Release 2.6.11993-09-01bruno
Release 2.71993-09-27bruno
Release 2.81993-11-08bruno
Release 2.91994-01-08bruno
Release 2.101994-06-22bruno
Release 2.111994-07-04bruno
Release 2.121994-08-23bruno
Release 2.12.11994-09-01bruno
Release 2.131994-10-26bruno
Release 2.13.11995-01-01bruno
Release 2.141995-04-04bruno
Release 2.151995-04-25bruno
Release 2.161995-06-23bruno
Release 2.171996-07-21bruno
Release 2.171996-07-22bruno
Release 2.181997-05-03bruno
Release 2.191997-08-07bruno
Release 2.201997-09-25bruno
Release 2.20.11997-12-06bruno
Release 2.211998-09-09bruno
Release 2.221999-01-08bruno
Release 2.231999-07-22bruno
Release 2.242000-03-06bruno
Release 2.252001-03-15sds
Release 2.25.12001-04-06sds
Release 2.262001-05-23sds
Release 2.272001-07-17sds
Release 2.282002-03-03sds
Release 2.292002-07-25bruno
  • Bug-fix/portability: gcc 3.1 etc
Release 2.302002-09-15sds
Release 2.312003-09-01sds
Release 2.322003-12-29sds
Release 2.332004-03-17sds
Release 2.33.12004-05-22sds
  • Bug-fixes, portability: gcc 3.4
Release 2.33.22004-06-02sds
  • Portability: RedHat Fedora Linux/x86
Release 2.342005-07-20sds
Release 2.352005-08-29sds
Release 2.362005-12-04sds
Release 2.372006-01-02sds
Release 2.382006-01-24sds
Release 2.392006-07-16sds
  • Reliable stack overflow detection and recovery.
Release 2.402006-09-23sds
Release 2.412006-10-13sds
Release 2.422007-10-16sds
Release 2.432007-11-18sds
Release 2.43.12008-02-24bruno
Release 2.442008-02-02sds

Do not bundle GNU libffcall.

Release 2.44.12008-02-24bruno
Release 2.452008-05-15sds
Release 2.462008-07-02sds
Release 2.472008-10-23sds
Release 2.482009-07-28sds
Release 2.492010-07-07sds