8.2. The structure Meta-Object Protocol

The following functions accept a structure name as the only argument. If DEFSTRUCT was given the :TYPE option (i.e., DEFSTRUCT did not define a new type), then (FIND-CLASS name) fails (and the regular CLOS Meta-Object Protocol is not applicable), but these functions still work.

Return the LIST of effective slot definition metaobjects.
Return the LIST of direct slot definition metaobjects.
Return the name (a SYMBOL) of the keyword constructor function for the structure, or NIL if the structure has no keyword constructor.
Return the LIST of names (SYMBOLs) of BOA constructors for the structure.
Return the name (a SYMBOL) of the copier for the structure.
Return the name (a SYMBOL) of the predicate for the structure.

These notes document CLISP version 2.49Last modified: 2010-07-07