Chapter 3. Evaluation and Compilation [chap-3]

Table of Contents

3.1. Evaluation
3.1.1. Introduction to Environments
3.1.2. Symbols as Forms Macro DEFINE-SYMBOL-MACRO Dynamic Variables
3.1.3. Conses as Forms
3.1.4. Special Forms Special operator EVAL-WHEN Special operator THE
3.1.5. Function Forms Function SYMBOL-FUNCTION
3.1.6. Macros DEFUN & DEFMACRO
3.2. Compilation
3.2.1. Compiler Terminology Just-In-Time Native Compilation
3.2.2. Compilation Semantics Compiler Macros Minimal Compilation Semantic Constraints
3.2.3. Definition of Similarity
3.2.4. Exceptional Situations in the Compiler
3.3. Declarations
3.3.1. Declaration SPECIAL
3.3.3. Function CONSTANTP
3.3.4. Declaration SAFETY
3.3.5. Declaration (COMPILE)
3.3.6. Declaration SPACE
3.4. Lambda Lists
3.4.1. Boa Lambda Lists

All the functions built by FUNCTION, COMPILE and the like are atoms. There are built-in functions written in C, compiled functions (both of type COMPILED-FUNCTION) and interpreted functions (of type FUNCTION).

Table 3.1. Function call limits

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