30.7. Generic functions for binary output

Generic functions for binary output

(GRAY:STREAM-WRITE-BYTE stream integer)

Writes integer.

You must define a method for this function.

(GRAY:STREAM-WRITE-BYTE-SEQUENCE stream sequence &OPTIONAL [start [end [no-hang [interactive]]]])

Outputs the subsequence of sequence specified by :START and :END to stream

sequence is an ARRAY of INTEGERs. start is a nonnegative INTEGER and defaults to 0. end is a nonnegative INTEGER or NIL and defaults to NIL, which stands for (LENGTH sequence). If no-hang is true, the function should avoid blocking and instead output only as many elements as it can immediately proceed. If no-hang is false and interactive is true, the function can block for writing the first byte but should avoid blocking for any further bytes.

The default method repeatedly calls GRAY:STREAM-WRITE-BYTE; this is always sufficient if speed does not matter.

This function is a CLISP extension (see EXT:WRITE-BYTE-SEQUENCE).

These notes document CLISP version 2.49Last modified: 2010-07-07