11.4. Implementation-Defined Packages [sec_11-1-2-4]

The following additional packages exist:

Implementation-Defined Packages

EXPORTs all CLOS-specific symbols, including some additional symbols.
has the nickname SYS, and has no EXPORTed symbols. It defines many system internals.
is the umbrella package for all extensions: it imports and EXT:RE-EXPORTs all the external symbols in all CLISP extensions, so a simple (USE-PACKAGE "EXT") is enough to make all the extensions available in the current package. This package uses packages (in addition to COMMON-LISP): POSIX, SOCKET, GSTREAM, GRAY, I18N, CUSTOM.
defines and EXPORTs some character sets, for use with EXT:MAKE-ENCODING and as :EXTERNAL-FORMAT argument.
implements the foreign function interface. Some platforms only.
defines an API for random screen access. Some platforms only.
:CASE-SENSITIVE versions of COMMON-LISP and COMMON-LISP-USER. See Section 11.5, “Package Case-Sensitivity”.

All pre-existing packages except COMMON-LISP-USER belong to the implementation, in the sense that the programs that do not follow [sec_11-1-2-1-2] (Constraints on the COMMON-LISP Package for Conforming Programs) cause undefined behavior.

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