These notes discuss the CLISP implementation of Common Lisp by Bruno Haible and Michael Stoll. The current maintainers are Bruno Haible and Sam Steingold.

This implementation is mostly conforming to the [ANSI CL standard] available on-line as the [Common Lisp HyperSpec] (but the printed ANSI document remains the authoritative source of information). [ANSI CL standard] supersedes the earlier specifications [CLtL1] and [CLtL2].

The first part of these notes, Part I, “Chapters or the Common Lisp HyperSpec”, is indexed in parallel to the [Common Lisp HyperSpec] and documents how CLISP implements the [ANSI CL standard].

The second part, Part II, “Common Portable Extensions”, documents the common extensions to the [ANSI CL standard], specifically Meta-Object Protocol and GRAY STREAMs.

The third part, Part III, “Extensions Specific to CLISP, documents the CLISP-specific extensions, e.g., Section 32.4, “Socket Streams”.

The fourth part, Part IV, “Internals of the CLISP Implementation”, is intended mostly for developers as it documents the CLISP internals, e.g., garbage-collection, adding new built-ins, and the bytecodes generated by the compiler (i.e., what is printed by DISASSEMBLE).

These notes document CLISP version 2.49Last modified: 2010-07-07