33.14. Perl Compatible Regular Expressions

This is an interface to Perl Compatible Regular Expressions.

When this module is present, *FEATURES* contains the symbol :PCRE.

PCRE module API

Return version information as 4 values: descriptive STRING; 2 FIXNUMs: major and minor numbers; date STRING.

Return some information about the PCRE build configuration. type is one of

Compile a pattern, optionally study it.

Return some information about the pattern, such as

(PCRE:PCRE-NAME-TO-INDEX pattern name)
Convert the name of the sub-pattern to an index in the return vector.

Execute the compiled pattern against the string at the given offset with the given options. Returns NIL if no matches or a VECTOR of LENGTH CAPTURECOUNT+1 of PCRE:MATCH structures, unless :BOOLEAN was non-NIL, in which case return T as an indicator of success, but do not allocate anything.

:DFA argument determines whether pcre_dfa_exec is used instead of pcre_exec (PCRE v6 and better).

:WORK-SPACE is only used for :DFA and defaults to 20.

Return the start and end of the match. SETF-able.
Return the substring of string bounded by match.
(PCRE:MATCH-STRINGS return-vector string)
Return all substrings for all matches found by PCRE:PCRE-EXEC.
(PCRE:MATCH-STRING return-vector which string &OPTIONAL pattern)
Return the substring that matches the given sub-pattern. If which is a name of the sub-pattern (as opposed to its number), pattern must be supplied.
A valid value for CUSTOM:*APROPOS-MATCHER*.

These notes document CLISP version 2.49Last modified: 2010-07-07