17.4. Functions REMOVE & DELETE

REMOVE, REMOVE-IF, REMOVE-IF-NOT, REMOVE-DUPLICATES return their argument unchanged, if no element has to be removed.

DELETE, DELETE-IF, DELETE-IF-NOT, DELETE-DUPLICATES destructively modify their argument: If the argument is a LIST, the CDR parts are modified. If the argument is a VECTOR with fill pointer, the fill pointer is lowered and the remaining elements are compacted below the new fill pointer.

Variable CUSTOM:*SEQUENCE-COUNT-ANSI*. Contrary to the [ANSI CL standard] issue RANGE-OF-COUNT-KEYWORD:NIL-OR-INTEGER, negative :COUNT keyword arguments are not allowed unless you set CUSTOM:*SEQUENCE-COUNT-ANSI* to a non-NIL value, in which case using a negative integer value is functionally equivalent to using a value of zero, as per the [ANSI CL standard] issue.

These notes document CLISP version 2.49Last modified: 2010-07-07