33.16. Interface to zlib

This is an FFI-based interface to the ZLIB.

When this module is present, *FEATURES* contains the symbol :ZLIB.

Return the string version of the underlying library.
(ZLIB:COMPRESS source &KEY level)
Compress the source VECTOR.
(ZLIB:UNCOMPRESS source destination-length)
Uncompress the source VECTOR (returned by ZLIB:COMPRESS). destination-length should be no less than the length of the uncompressed source.
(ZLIB:COMPRESS-BOUND source-length)
Return the maximum length of the return value of ZLIB:COMPRESS.
(ZLIB:ERROR-STRING error-code)
Return a descriptive string for the supplied error-code.
An ERROR sometimes SIGNALed by ZLIB:COMPRESS and ZLIB:UNCOMPRESS. You can find the error code and the caller using ZLIB:ZERROR-ERRNO and ZLIB:ZERROR-CALLER.

These notes document CLISP version 2.49Last modified: 2010-07-07