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Common Libraries FAQ

GNU Common C++ Specific

GNU Common C++ is a threadsafe framework offering C++ sockets, threading, synchronization objects, config file parsing, object serialization, and XML parsing. It is used as a core framework for GNU Telephony itself and for a number of additional libraries. GNU Common C++ offers native threading support on most POSIX systems, including GNU/Linux, BSD systems including Mac OS X, Solaris, various Unix systems, and natively on Microsoft Windows.

GNU Common Audio Specific

The GNU ccAudio2 library offers a portable framework for developing C++ applications which manipulate audio data, convert audio formats through codecs, use local soundcard resources to play and record audio, and manipulate audio stored in various forms of audio files. ccAudio primarily supports .wav and and .au file containers, and physical audio devices on Microsoft Windows and POSIX systems using the OSS soundcard device interface.

GNU Common RTP Specific

GNU ccRTP offers a threaded RTP stack which uses packet queues to reduce buffer copying. GNU ccRTP supports many of the more advanced RFC's related to RTP, including RTCP and multicast, and may be used to build high capacity streaming servers as well as client applications.

GNU Common Scripting Engine Specific

The GNU ccScript3 engine is a fully threaded and instance-executable scripting engine which offers scheduling and excution control for large scale parallel applications. It is primarily used in GNU Bayonne 2.