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3 /*
4  Copyright (C) 2006-2010 Werner Dittmann
6  This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
7  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
8  the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
9  (at your option) any later version.
11  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
12  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
14  GNU General Public License for more details.
16  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
17  along with this program. If not, see <>.
18 */
20 #ifndef _ZRTPCODES_H_
21 #define _ZRTPCODES_H_
29 namespace GnuZrtpCodes {
66  Info = 1,
70 };
75 enum InfoCodes {
87 };
101 };
115 };
133  UnsuppHashType = 0x51,
138  NoSharedSecret = 0x56,
139  DHErrorWrongPV = 0x61,
143  NonceReused = 0x80,
144  EqualZIDHello = 0x90,
146  IgnorePacket = 0x7fffffff
147 };
157 };
159 }
164 #endif
DH1Part: Generated a public DH key.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:79
DH Error: bad pvi or pvr ( == 1, 0, or p-1)
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:139
Hello offers an AES256 cipher but does not offer a Diffie-Helman 4096.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:95
Sub-codes for Warning.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:92
Enrollment process failed, no PBX secret available.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:155
No more security for this session.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:86
Hash HMAC check of Commit failed!
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:108
Internal protocol error occured!
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:112
SRTP auth. tag not supported.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:136
Hash HMAC check of DHPart1 failed!
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:109
Hash HMAC check of DHPart2 failed!
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:110
Aks user to confirm or deny an Enrollemnt request.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:153
Hello components mismatch.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:132
Initiator: DHPart1 received, preparing DHPart2.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:80
Commit contains an AES256 cipher but does not offer a Diffie-Helman 4096.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:93
Responder: DHPart2 received, preparing Confirm1.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:81
Equal ZIDs in Hello.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:144
Malformed packet (CRC OK, but wrong structure)
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:129
Hello received, preparing a Commit.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:76
Cannot start a timer - internal resources exhausted?
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:113
Hash HMAC check of Hello failed!
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:107
Information codes for the Enrollment user callbacks.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:152
Valid retained shared secrets availabe but no matches found - must verify SAS.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:100
Responder: Commit received, preparing DHPart1.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:78
SAS scheme not supported.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:137
Too much retries during ZRTP negotiation - connection or peer down?
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:114
DH Error: hvi != hashed data.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:140
Auth. Error: Bad Confirm pkt HMAC.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:142
Hash type not supported.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:133
Internal ZRTP packet checksum mismatch - packet dropped.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:97
Sub-codes for Info.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:75
Public key exchange not supported.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:135
Critical software error.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:130
GoClear packet received, but not allowed.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:145
Enrollment process for this PBX was ok.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:156
Sub-codes for Severe.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:106
User did not confirm the PBX enrollement.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:154
Entered secure state.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:85
Received a GoClear message.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:94
No shared secret available, DH mode required.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:138
Initiator: Confirm1 received, preparing Confirm2.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:82
At least one retained secrets matches - security OK.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:84
Dropping packet because SRTP authentication failed!
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:98
Commit: Generated a public DH key.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:77
Dropping packet because SRTP replay check failed!
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:99
Cannot send data - connection or peer down?
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:111
No retained shared secrets available - must verify SAS.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:96
Responder: Confirm2 received, preparing Conf2Ack.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:83
Unsupported ZRTP version.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:131
Received relayed SAS from untrusted MiTM.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:141
Error codes according to the ZRTP specification chapter 6.9.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:128
Cipher type not supported.
Definition: ZrtpCodes.h:134