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Data Fields
ost::Bayonne::Event Struct Reference

The event data structure includes the event identifier and any paramaters. More...

#include <bayonne.h>

Collaboration diagram for ost::Bayonne::Event:
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Data Fields

event_t id
timeslot_t timeslot
uint16 seq
union {
   struct {
      ScriptImage *   img
      Script::Name *   scr
      BayonneSession *   parent
      const char *   dialing
   }   start
   struct {
      ScriptImage *   img
      Script::Name *   scr
      BayonneSession *   parent
      Line *   select
   }   hunt
   struct {
      BayonneSession *   current
      BayonneSession *   replace
   }   relocate
   struct {
      const char *   tid
      const char *   fname
      int   pid
      int   result
   }   libexec
   struct {
      const char *   tid
      const char *   errmsg
   }   liberror
   struct {
      timeout_t   duration
      int   digit
   }   dtmf
   struct {
      const char *   err
      const char *   msg
   }   cpa
   struct {
      const char *   name
      bool   exit
   }   tone
   struct {
      std::ostream *   output
      const char *   logstate
   }   debug
   struct {
      const char *   encoding
      timeout_t   framing
   }   reconnect
   const char *   dialing
   const char *   name
   const char *   errmsg
   BayonneSession *   pid
   BayonneSession *   peer
   BayonneSession *   child
   void *   data

Detailed Description

The event data structure includes the event identifier and any paramaters.

Additional information is attached both to assist in debugging, and to track which timeslot a given event is being issued against when queued through a master msgport.

Definition at line 721 of file bayonne.h.

Field Documentation

union { ... }
BayonneSession* ost::Bayonne::Event::child

Definition at line 807 of file bayonne.h.

struct { ... } ost::Bayonne::Event::cpa
BayonneSession* ost::Bayonne::Event::current

Definition at line 751 of file bayonne.h.

void* ost::Bayonne::Event::data

Definition at line 808 of file bayonne.h.

struct { ... } ost::Bayonne::Event::debug
const char* ost::Bayonne::Event::dialing

Definition at line 738 of file bayonne.h.

int ost::Bayonne::Event::digit

Definition at line 775 of file bayonne.h.

struct { ... } ost::Bayonne::Event::dtmf
timeout_t ost::Bayonne::Event::duration

Definition at line 774 of file bayonne.h.

const char* ost::Bayonne::Event::encoding

Definition at line 798 of file bayonne.h.

const char* ost::Bayonne::Event::err

Definition at line 780 of file bayonne.h.

const char* ost::Bayonne::Event::errmsg

Definition at line 769 of file bayonne.h.

bool ost::Bayonne::Event::exit

Definition at line 787 of file bayonne.h.

const char* ost::Bayonne::Event::fname

Definition at line 761 of file bayonne.h.

timeout_t ost::Bayonne::Event::framing

Definition at line 799 of file bayonne.h.

struct { ... } ost::Bayonne::Event::hunt
event_t ost::Bayonne::Event::id

Definition at line 723 of file bayonne.h.

ScriptImage* ost::Bayonne::Event::img

Definition at line 735 of file bayonne.h.

struct { ... } ost::Bayonne::Event::liberror
struct { ... } ost::Bayonne::Event::libexec
const char* ost::Bayonne::Event::logstate

Definition at line 793 of file bayonne.h.

const char* ost::Bayonne::Event::msg

Definition at line 781 of file bayonne.h.

const char* ost::Bayonne::Event::name

Definition at line 786 of file bayonne.h.

std::ostream* ost::Bayonne::Event::output

Definition at line 792 of file bayonne.h.

BayonneSession* ost::Bayonne::Event::parent

Definition at line 737 of file bayonne.h.

BayonneSession* ost::Bayonne::Event::peer

Definition at line 806 of file bayonne.h.

int ost::Bayonne::Event::pid

Definition at line 763 of file bayonne.h.

BayonneSession* ost::Bayonne::Event::pid

Definition at line 805 of file bayonne.h.

struct { ... } ost::Bayonne::Event::reconnect
struct { ... } ost::Bayonne::Event::relocate
BayonneSession* ost::Bayonne::Event::replace

Definition at line 752 of file bayonne.h.

int ost::Bayonne::Event::result

Definition at line 763 of file bayonne.h.

Script::Name* ost::Bayonne::Event::scr

Definition at line 736 of file bayonne.h.

Line* ost::Bayonne::Event::select

Definition at line 746 of file bayonne.h.

uint16 ost::Bayonne::Event::seq

Definition at line 725 of file bayonne.h.

struct { ... } ost::Bayonne::Event::start
const char* ost::Bayonne::Event::tid

Definition at line 757 of file bayonne.h.

timeslot_t ost::Bayonne::Event::timeslot

Definition at line 724 of file bayonne.h.

struct { ... } ost::Bayonne::Event::tone

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